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In early 2008, Architect Edward Almenara began to take notice of all the recyclable materials that were being discarded into dumpsters and would inevitably end up filling landfills in our island. As he began to analyze the waste hauling and recycling industry, it became apparent that no one company was providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to identifying, separating, measuring and handling all the resources available in a client’s waste stream.

GBG Recycling Solutions was born out of the initiative of bringing all the recycling companies and waste hauling services through one comprehensive service provider. GBG’s process begins with a free waste characterization analysis. This allows us to identify all the resources that can be eliminated from the waste stream and to prepare a customized solution that saves our client’s money; simplifies their business operations; complies with all state and federal recycling laws; and enhances their corporate image.

Today, GBG is a company that is committed to its customers, the environment and generating social value. At GBG, we are the best at planning, designing, implementing, operating and supervising programs for the handling of all types of solid waste, recyclables and waste diversion strategies in Puerto Rico. Call us today at (787) 946-0247 for a free consult. Together we can make a big difference!

We’ve had the pleasure of working with companies such as:

Why choose GBG Recycling Solutions?

  • At GBG we are experts in the design, implementation, operation and management of Solid Waste and Recyclable Material Management Programs, according to the specific needs and operations of our customers
  • GBG is the only company in Puerto Rico that offers and provides all the necessary services, including design, implementation, operation and management of Solid Waste and Recyclable Material Management Programs in Puerto Rico
  • GBG programs significantly reduce the administrative complexity of the hauling and disposal of solid waste
  • In GBG we comply with Law 70 of the Solid Waste Authority of Puerto Rico
  • We provide cutting-edge technologies for the diversion of solid waste, recyclables and organic materials


GBG Recycling Solutions has been an extremely professional and wonderful organization to do business with. We would highly recommend their services to any company that is seeking waste removal services. They continue to exceed our expectations and provide consistently highly reliable services at a great value with respect to costs.
Matthew S. Hollis, President, Elytus Ltd.
GBG is a clear industry innovator and always looking to leverage new technology and processes to redefine the waste-stream… to make it better, faster, cheaper, smarter and more sustainable.
Michael Robb, Director of Channel & Vertical Sales, BioHiTech America
At Air Master Windows and Doors, we are committed to the environment. We are engaged in a recycling program that will help reduce waste and minimize the negative impact and harm on the natural environment. We are grateful with GBG’s support on this initiative, helping us achieve our objective of establishing facilities and operations that send zero waste to landfills.
Ing. Nicolas Megwinoff, President & CEO, Air Master Windows and Doors


Reduce our client’s impact on the environment


Become the leader in recycling and waste diversion strategies

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Tel: (787) 946-0247 | Email: info@gbgpr.com

Physical Address:
#696B Calle Cubita, Sector Los Frailes,
Carr #169 Km 5.0, Guaynabo, PR, 00969-2809

Postal Address:
PO Box 270108
San Juan, PR 00927


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